Submit your recorded video or poster.

  • Your video submission can be an MP4 file or a YouTube or Vimeo link. Ensure your MP4 file finishes uploading or if you choose to upload the presentation to your YouTube or Vimeo account, ensure your settings are public so the video can be viewed by attendees.
  • Submit your poster as a single PowerPoint slide saved in PDF. The recommended poster size is VERTICAL for everyone. The hosting platform does not allow landscape/horizontal posters.

Questions about how to record? Refer to the “How to record presentations” menu item.


  1. Stay within your allotted time frame. Presentations will be cut off after the time has been reached.
  2. Have someone listen to your entire presentation to ensure you did not lose audio and that the presentation is continuous.
  3. Record your sound louder than what you would listen to. Presentation sound can be lowered but it’s almost impossible to increase low or poor audio.
  4. Your presentation must be saved as ABSTRACT # / First name / Last name
    Refer to your email to locate your abstract number